Built for the community, by the community.

We are a team of data scientists, engineers and product managers that spend a few hours every week to identify the latest and best from different news sources, tutorials, guides and Github repositories. This website is meant to support the larger data sciences community that aims to keep itself updated with industry trends and wants an easy mechanism to find all relevant info in one page.

We curate the content ourselves, because GPT isn't there yet. Our team uses a sourcing engine that gathers weekly content from 1000s of sources and then shortlists a chunk for our review based on the content popularity, page views, relevance and other dimensions.

At present, we span over 2k Github repos, 5k tutorials/guides, over 3k technology newsletters and industry news from all over the web.

We believe that the ML community needs to support each other, and this website is one little attempt to give back to the community.

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